[Video] Biodanza and Vitality ( not what you think )

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Biodanza and the power of Vitality

Hello, Vincent Leleux here from Biodanza.London, weekly Biodanza class in Kingston.
Today I want to read this list of words and I want to talk to you about it later.

liveliness, life, energy, animation, spirit, spiritedness, high-spiritedness, vivacity, exuberance, buoyancy, bounce, vibrancy, verve, vim, pep, brio, zest, zestfulness, sparkle, spark, effervescence, dynamism, passion, fire, vigour, forcefulness, ardour, zeal, relish, gusto, push, drive, punch, elan, zip, zing, fizz, get-up-and-go, oomph, pizzazz, feistiness, VITALITY.

All these words are synonyms of Vitality, That’s the list of synonyms of vitality I found on Google. I love this list, and if you come to the weekly class, you will experience vitality, whatever is the word you put on it.

But in this list, there is half of what vitality is that is missing. It’s not a surprise, because in our society, we strongly believe that vitality is this masculine energy of taking action. Being very active, a lot of energy.

Action, action, action

Actually, there is the other side of vitality which is : slowing down, resting, sleeping, being in receptivity instead of being into full action. That’s why you can see so many people who are in burn out. Because we only believe in  this energy of ACTION ACTION ACTION

If you just had one night of not sleeping, you already know by experience that if you don’t rest, if you don’t sleep, if you don’t take time off, if you don’t take time where you can do NOTHING, then you will quickly run out of all your energy.

Both sides of Vitality

In Biodanza, we pay equal attention to both of these sides. You will experience a lot action, with a lot of energy, but you will also experience “slowing down, feeling more, because to feel more we need to slow down. But we are so afraid of feeling more, we only want to focus on actions and results. You won’t go very far that way.

I invite you to experience both sides of Vitality in my weekly class in Kingston. On this Thursday, we will do a very special session about feeling the FIRE within, and expressing the fire outside. Showing your fire, your passion and all what fire is.

I really encourage you to come to my weekly class on Thursday. I look forward to see you.
Let’s dance Life.

Power of Music in Biodanza [Video]

Power of Music is one of the Pillars of Biodanza

Today I want to talk to you about one of the powers or pillars of Biodanza, the power of music. In other videos, I will talk to you about the other 2 pillars or even the 7 powers of Biodanza. For today, we focus on the music.

Music has an incredible power. It has been used through time and all civilisations, because we all know through experience that it has an immense power, a power to come and touch us. I just want to take one example:

we all have experienced watching a movie and there is some music that brings some emotion. Without music, or another music, you don’t have the same emotion, or no emotion at all. This is just one example, I could find many other examples of the power of music.

Biodanza: a holistic approach

In biodanza, we use what we call organic music, it means it will go and touch you in a organic way, to re-enhance the different parts in yourself because Biodanza addresses the human being as whole, it’s a holistic approach. It is not looking at one aspect and trying to improve it, or another aspect and trying to improve it. We know that everything is connected, all is one.

So the best way is to approach it holistically, so we talk to all the parts of the body. It means it works on the biological aspects, on the psychological aspects, on the physiological aspects. It works so deeply inside of your cells, it’s re-programming your cells, it is bringing this integration again, between all this different organs, cells, and aspects of who you are to bring them together and make something that is you, your identity.

Organic music that has been tested for many years on many people

so we use music in Biodanza and the music we use have been tested for many years on many people, so that the effects these musics have are very well known. And then the entire experience of the vivencia is built with one music leading to the next one, and it makes it a journey.

So if this resonates with you and you want to experience that, you are invited and encouraged to come to the weekly class in Kingston


Less Stress with Biodanza

Less stress with Biodanza: Stress, the invisible enemy, is part of our life. Biodanza offers to give priority back to our corporal experience and sensitivity.

Less stress with Biodanza: the words of Rolando Toro creator of the Biodanza system.


Less stress with Biodanza - the proposal of Biodanza by Rolando Toro

Rolando Toro, creator of Biodanza, wrote this proposal that Biodanza offers.

The crisis of our times seems a crisis in our way of perceiving, a crisis in our sensitivity.

Town dwellers in particular find themselves submerged under obligations and duties. They have to give in to an altered time dimension, due to acceleration: always more things to do, more tasks, which make them run against the clock.

Stress, the invisible enemy, is part of our life and takes so many names such as

  • tiredness
  • irritation
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • depression etc. etc.

What quality of life can we have with such a doing mode, so fast and frenetic, so far removed from an authentic feeling mode? What quality can life have, without contact with the natural, organics rhythms?

What happened to our sensitivity that tells us when we need rest or more agility in our movements, when we need warmth and human contact?

We end up favouring intellectual knowledge and rationality, and lose our link with the heart of things and living beings.

The interest of Biodanza consists in inverting tendencies, as it seeks to give priority back to our corporal experience and sensitivity.

We can dance our own life in its uniqueness

We can dance our own life in its uniqueness, in harmony with the others and with our environment. We can experience a vivencia of ourselves, living in the moment, dancing a harmonious relationship between nature. We can also abandon our self to the listening of our own perceptions and emotions.

Eating and sleeping, having money and a house are not our only needs, we also need

  • friendship
  • love
  • joy
  • be able to express and communicate.

What corresponds to our needs is what nurtures us: all those things that touch our heart and generate our gestures.

Biodanza – Rolando Toro System – produces natural gestures that enable us to recover our movement and the most sincere expression of our very selves.

Biodanza: Don’t let anything hold you back…

don't let anything hold you back

Important message: Don’t let anything hold you back from enjoying Biodanza

Just a quick message to invite you to watch a short video I just made about a few quick things.

The most important one being…

Don’t let anything hold you back from coming to the class,
not even your financial circumstances…

Get in touch to explore options. No one will ever be turned back for lack of money.

I look forward to see you on Thursday night.

Bring your friends, first class is free.

Let’s Dance Life.



How does Biodanza work? – a Biodanza guide.

It is an amazing system of transformation, but how does Biodanza work? You will find in this simple article a Biodanza guide to learn all that you need to know about Biodanza.

Created in the 1960’s in Chile by Rolando Toro Araneda, Biodanza is a system of human growth that consists of dances and exercises to music to be performed alone, in pairs or in groups.

Biodanza is defined as a system of:

  • Affective-motor integration
  • Organic renovation
  • Re-learning of the original life’s functions

It aims to restore the unity between perception, motor skills, affectivity and visceral functions. In doing so, it rehabilitates our vital impulses, joy of living, sensitivity, pleasure of feeling our bodies in motion.

Biodanza is a channel to enter the continuous flow of life. Through a wonderful process of transmutation, it can transform fear into courage, suffering into fullness, anxiety into harmony, violence into love, weakness into strength, organic imbalance into self-regulation, biological decadence into organic renovation.
Rolando Toro Araneda

The Biodanza setting provides a safe space of ​​freedom where everyone is invited, in pleasure, to discover his own dance and his own identity. Embodying spontaneity and emotions, participants are moved into actions through meaningful body expressions.

Biodanza theoretical model

Rolando Toro’s Biodanza theoretical model has been developed over decades of research.

What does “Biodanza” mean?

Bios, from the Greek, means life
Danza means dance,
Biodanza is defined as an integrated meaningful movement. Biodanza is the “Dance of Life”!

What does the term “vivencia” mean?

The word “vivencia” has no equivalent in English; It means “to live intensely the present moment here and now”. It refers to a psycho-physical state of full integration of the individual with oneself, with the other(s) and with the whole group. It is through this state of intense connection with the environment in all its forms that Biodanza seeks to bring out from the deepest of each one potentialities not yet expressed so far.

What does Biodanza have in particular?

What distinguishes Biodanza from most traditional wellness techniques is its affective component. Biodanza is the poetry of human encounter: it allows access to a deep encounter with oneself, with others and with the totality of the universe and its manifold manifestations of life.

What can his regular practice do for us?

Biodanza teaches us to move, to express oneself, to experience contact, to be more sensitive, to feel the joy and the pleasure of being alive. To feel rather than to think.

It is a real laboratory of life, which allows us to experiment with new behaviours, new possibilities, from our own creativity and the capacity to renew oneself.
It invites us to discover our own existential response in expression and in action.

Its practice

  • nourishes the healthy part of the individual
  • removes stress
  • elevates mood
  • improves health
  • builds confidence and self-esteem
  • helps to live the authentic moment of the present
  • enables us to enjoy more the small and great pleasures of life

Music, movement and communicative exercises will help us to resolve internal conflicts and reach a harmonious development of our personality.

Internal conflicts are manifested not only in the form of neurosis, but above all in the form of psycho-motor dissociation: rigid movements and postures, inability to perceive our own body as an integrated unit but only as a set of isolated parts …

That’s exactly where Biodanza comes in by:

  • recreating the mind-body unity
  • promoting communication with ourselves and the outside world
  • triggering a process of developing our own identity
Biodanza works - handy guide

More and more people are starting Biodanza every day. Discover everything you need to know in this handy guide.

In what form?

Weekly courses

It is the most progressive, the most integral, the most ecological way to practice Biodanza.
Its benefits are based on a regular participation that will help to nourish progressively and profoundly the links with the other members of the group, thus creating an area of ​​affective security (uterus) in which each one will be able to discover oneself in the depth of its potentialities, sometimes forgotten or repressed.


The workshops offer the opportunity to deepen one or other aspect of Biodanza.
They usually take the form of a two-day workshop (weekend) during which 4 sessions (vivencias) are organised around a given theme. But there are also days of Biodanza, whole weeks (in summer), meetings and congresses