Power of Music in Biodanza [Video]

Power of Music is one of the Pillars of Biodanza

Today I want to talk to you about one of the powers or pillars of Biodanza, the power of music. In other videos, I will talk to you about the other 2 pillars or even the 7 powers of Biodanza. For today, we focus on the music.

Music has an incredible power. It has been used through time and all civilisations, because we all know through experience that it has an immense power, a power to come and touch us. I just want to take one example:

we all have experienced watching a movie and there is some music that brings some emotion. Without music, or another music, you don’t have the same emotion, or no emotion at all. This is just one example, I could find many other examples of the power of music.

Biodanza: a holistic approach

In biodanza, we use what we call organic music, it means it will go and touch you in a organic way, to re-enhance the different parts in yourself because Biodanza addresses the human being as whole, it’s a holistic approach. It is not looking at one aspect and trying to improve it, or another aspect and trying to improve it. We know that everything is connected, all is one.

So the best way is to approach it holistically, so we talk to all the parts of the body. It means it works on the biological aspects, on the psychological aspects, on the physiological aspects. It works so deeply inside of your cells, it’s re-programming your cells, it is bringing this integration again, between all this different organs, cells, and aspects of who you are to bring them together and make something that is you, your identity.

Organic music that has been tested for many years on many people

so we use music in Biodanza and the music we use have been tested for many years on many people, so that the effects these musics have are very well known. And then the entire experience of the vivencia is built with one music leading to the next one, and it makes it a journey.

So if this resonates with you and you want to experience that, you are invited and encouraged to come to the weekly class in Kingston


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